Jobvention – Automatic Sourcing Job Board is a job site that allows small and medium sized businesses to post a job and get talent referrals in 48 hours or less. Jobvention uses a combination of search and data analysis to match talent from around the web with businesses that need help. Founded in Seattle in 2013, by Microsoft and Amazon alumni, Alvin Loh and Hui Dai. has disrupted the market with its Search String Generator, companies can simply type in the key words for a job position and receive 5-10 qualified candidate leads in 48 hours. Compared with the efficient matching service at, other job search websites (such as LinkedIn, depend on the job searchers to register on the website and to apply for the particular position, and the recruiters need to go through the painful process of filtering through tons of resumes manually; or the head hunter needs to actually “connect” with the people on LinkedIn to get their contact information. The search tools on is quite powerful, other than the candidate pool in its own candidate pool, it can also links job postings from other websites such as Craigslist and Google Apps for Business. Moreover, it aggregates information for a single post by synchronizing messages in the Gmail inbox, and present them directly as text within the app, which saves a ton of time, you don’t need to go back and forth for a job post. is mainly after the market of small and medium businesses, and the major use case is online recruiting. To target those customers, has positioned itself as between and craigslist –– it is much cheaper than, and more professional than Craigslist. The major channel in which reaches their customers is through direct mails, other channels include Facebook and Twitter.


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