Spoonrocket – Good Food Fast

Spoonrocket is a food delivery service providing excellent fresh food to its customers fast and in a convenient way.  It is a relatively new start up out of the Bay Area that has just entered into the Seattle market.  At its start, Spoonrocket applied to the Y combinator and launched into the UC Berkeley area.  They started with two food options available each day (one meat and one vegetarian option) for $6 created by their executive chef to a limited area.  They disrupted the food delivery climate by providing healthy meals delivered to the customer.

Spoonrocket recently has expanded and entered into the Seattle food space.  Their initial move was to replicate their methods in UC Berkeley, however they were forced to pivot their business plan quickly upon entering Seattle.  In order to keep overhead low, they starting delivery only during lunch time and instead of focusing purely at the UW college campus they expanded to the SLU and downtown areas.  This pivot was due to customer learnings.  The company found that UW students prefer to spend time together during lunch and use the hour as social time.  The spoonrocket delivery didn’t truly fit what the customer wanted, so they looked to a more professional market in the SLU/downtown area.

While Spoonrocket initially created their own market a few years ago in the Bay Area, the climate in Seattle is a little different.  There are current food delivery services that exist, however they are disrupting the market.  They have identified key partnerships with restaurants that customers desire as opposed to the vertical integration they utilized in Berkeley.  They have created a lean and mean model with efficiently heated delivery vehicles to provide fast lunch options.

With the launch in Seattle, Spoonrocket utilized press releases into local publications to raise awareness.  They rely on Facebook and word of mouth for awareness.  In order to reach their initial customers, they offered promotions.  They targeted local desirable restaurants, such as Paseo’s to gain customers via the restaurant customer base, and advertised via social media having friends share events.  While Spoonrocket is new in the Seattle market, it is gaining traction through word of mouth and delivering food that people are looking for.


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