Wellpepper: Gives Your Health a Kick

The entrepreneur I interviewed is Anne Weiler, CEO and Co-Founder of Wellpepper.


Her business was founded in December 2012 as B2B firm that sells patient-focused rehab and outpatient treatment software to hospitals and other healthcare providers. These customers would then transfer treatment plans onto their patient’s app-based (I-Phone/Android/IPad) tool (provided free by Wellpepper), from which the hospital/healthcare provider can virtually monitor patient outcomes in-between check-in sessions. Wellpepper’s stated goal for its customers is to increase patient adherence rates to treatment programs as well as provide patients with better remote support from healthcare providers.

Wellpepper’s main customers are local hospitals and several physical therapy providers. Wellpepper will train hospital/healthcare providers on how to use the clinical application and patient treatment and analysis dashboard, both which are designed to run and be operated on an I-Pad.

Wellpepper is a disruptive start-up in that it pioneered the first holistic patient rehabilitation application for hospitals and other healthcare providers. It is the only healthcare technology company that offers digital treatment plans to patients requiring assistance for orthopedics, rehabilitation, trauma and burns, pain management, and neurology. However, in terms of the business intelligence/analytics focused patient engagement market it could be qualified as entering an existing market comprised of several firms, including OmadaHealth, a tech health startup providing an online diabetes and obesity prevention program.

The CEO, Ann Weiler believes Wellpepper is well positioned relative to its closest industry peers due in part to its early entry into this market, the loyal customer base it has cultivated, and the technological advantage offered in its suite of products.

To reach new customers Wellpepper is actively working with or aiming to foster partnership agreements with technology and healthcare companies seeking to reduce costs tied to patient treatment maintenance. Wellpepper’s executive team attend trade shows, healthcare/medical school conferences to collect leads, present their product to audiences, while finding stakeholders.


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