A List of Readings, Winter 2015

Posted 2/9
How To Calculate Your Ecommerce Cost of Customer Acquisition (Hubspot)
Using Cohort Analysis and Retention rates to Measure Customer Habits
How to Calculate Lifetime Value
6 C’s of Cloud Finance
Insight Partners B2B Digital Marketing Metrics
Best Retention Strategies
Viral Coefficient and Viral Growth in Viral Marketing
Target Goes All Out On Social Media With #MoreMusic For Imagine Dragons Live Ad Concert During Grammys
Simply Measured’s Twitter Benchmark Report. (Notice the full url, and all the tracking they do)
utm_source=mkto – content came from Marketo Automation software
utm_medium=email – content is an email
utm_term=header – I clicked on the banner image at the top of the email
utm_content=email – The type of content they sent was an email
utm_campaign=q4-twitter-study-2015-02-10-nurture-a- Name of the campaign
mktg_tok=3RK….. – The token that identifies me when I arrive at the page

Posted 2/2 – 2/8
Visualizing the Marketing Funnel
How to Plug the Leaks in Your Marketing Funnel
Things You Need to Know Before Jumping Into Paid Advertising
What Super Bowl Ads generated the most Online Buzz
5 Things to Know About Advertising on Facebook
Creating Facebook Ads – A Tutorial
Facebook’s Mobile Ad Revenue Will Dwarf Desktop Next Year
Facebook Ad Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank
Best Twitter Ad Practices Include Narrow Targets, Video and Brevity
Snapchat Advertising
The Startup Marketer’s Guide to Sponsored Online Content

Posted 1/26 – 2/1

Articles About Web Analytics Tools
15 Best Web Analytics Tools To Track Website Visitors
10 Web Analytics Tools: Analytical Tools Other Than Google Analytics
7 Must Have Ecommerce Analytics Tools
50 Cheap (Or Free) Tools For Creating Your Own Website (Web creation plus analytics article)
10 Great Social and Web Analytics Tools

PR and Community Management Related Topics
An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media
Predictions – 9 Key Digital Trends For 2015
How to Build a Winning Twitter Ad Campaign
Want to Reach Millennials? Say Hello to Snapchat
Mississippi State announces uniforms on Snapchat
Millennials – The New Age Heroes
The Atlanta Hawks are Too Good for Twitter

Interesting Articles
Before the Startup – Paul Graham is a must read if you are interested in start-ups.
How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Economy by 2025
10 Slideshare Presentations on the Future of Omni-Channel Retail
Can Facebook Ever Beat Reddit At Online Health Support Groups?

Posted 1/12 – 1/26
Online Topics:
5 Steps to Building the Social Media Presence for Your Startup
Hubspot – 98 Free Templates to Make Visual Content Creation Quick and Painless
How to Create and Share Videos on Snapchat
How We Got Our First 2,000 Users Doing Things That Don’t Scale
How I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident
7 Ways to build your online presence now
Creating a Strong Online Presence for Marketing Success
5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Building Your Brand’s Online Presence
How Google Works

Other topics:
Why Mexico Is an ‘Undiscovered Opportunity’ for Entrepreneurs
How to Start a Company for Less Than $10,000
Andrew Dumont – Lessons Learned Growing our Side Project to $20,000

Posted 1/5

The State of Entrepreneurship
Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, 2014
Want To Be An Entrepreneur? First Read These 3 Decks, Says Guy Kawasaki
100 Great Growth Hacks
Everything You Need to Know About Wearable Technology
VC Dollars Soar in 2014 On Backs of Big Deals
CES Will be Lousy with Wearables

Segmentation and Markets
Steve Blank – 4 Types of Markets, 4 Ways to Gauge Them
Steve Blank Customer Discovery Manifesto: Market Types
Segmentation, Marketing and Positioning
Market Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning


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