Entrepreneur Report – 51Zhaohu®

51Zhaohu® is  an informational and social networking channel for Chinese residents in the North America. Users can connect with the local community by browsing, joining, or creating events on the website. By registering the accounts through QQ/WeChat (the most popular social network platforms for Chinese population), the users can view and share the local events with their existing network at QQ or WeChat.

The startup positions themselves by creating a new market for Chinese community throughout North America. By fulfilling the needs of their target customers, 51Zhaohu® is aiming to connect the Chinese new comers to the domestic Chinese community to solve their social living needs, such as making new friends, sharing restaurants reviews, joining sports events, chipping in group buy, or grouping domestic travel, etc. They started to reach their first customers by creating small local offshore events throughout the universities and major global companies in North America. For example, international and exchanging students, relocating professionals and their families, and domestic tourists are their target customers.


Blog #4 – Jibo

Speaking of a product that seem to be magically showing up in ads, JIBO immediately jumps in my head. I had followed their news and stories since their commercial video was launched last summer.

JIBO is a sociable family robot, that can see, hear, speak, learn, help and relate with multiple family members in home environment. From their ads, first of all they compare JIBO with other home devices and made it outstanding and differentiated than others. Then it demos how adults, children, and senior citizens interact with JIBO for different functions, such as hands-free camera, reminder alerts, voice mailbox, food order, entertainment, etc.

In my opinion, the ads are very effective. These ads actually relate to our daily life and demonstrates how we use the product, and it’s very home oriented. It makes me more likely to buy the product, but the site is no longer accepting pre-orders as they are focusing on the first shipment: 5,554 orders and raised $2,289,606.

Smoothie 3D

Smoothie 3D is a free online website helps animation beginners create 3D models out of a plane graph. It’s easy to use, just simply copy the API token from user’s account and paste in the key. If I were the CEO, I would reach out to Bart Veldhuizen (@bartv), Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy), Samaël St-Laurent (@Samthe3dBlogger). 

Bart Veldhuizen (@bartv)

Bart Veldhuizen is the founder of BlenderNation, and Community Manager at Sketchfab.

Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy)

Her name is Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick.Prokofy Neva is her avatar name for 3D blogging.

Samaël St-Laurent (@Samthe3dBlogger)

Samaël St-Laurent is a 3D artist and running 3 blogs about 3d arts for beginner.

Blog#2 – Breathometer

Breathometer is the leader in breath analysis technology. Breathometer chose Facebook, blogs, twitter, Google+, Pintrest, and Vimeo to focus on their marketing online channels. From the number of followers, their Facebook did the best job on 15,281 likes and the least market on Google+ on 78 followers.

Their mission is to build the world’s first portable breath analysis platform to help people make smarter decisions, improve healthcare and to save lives. Founded by Charles Michael Yim in September 2012, Breathometer develops innovative breath sensing technology combined with superior design, and usability to deliver the best of breed digital health products.

They did pretty good job on the video, which introduces the product and provides samples how end customer to use it and how the product impact people’s daily life. However, from the number of views and likes from their youtube video and Vimeo, they still have lots of space to improve to market to targeted audience.

Assignment 1 : OfferUp – Market Analysis

Assignment 1 : OfferUp – Market Analysis

OfferUp was founded by two new fathers with a mountain of kid’s stuff, Nick Huzar and Arean van Veelen, locally in Seattle in 2011. With that motivation, OfferUp was born with one mission: revolutionizing how you buy and sell locally with a single snap. It was ranked at #126 in Geekwire 200 Startup List.

I started using OfferUp since 2 years ago when I moved to Bellevue. Cleaning up things in the garage and storage, I realized how much “new stuff” I bought but never used for once. I started posting things through Craigslist, eBay, and other social media channels. Then I found some disadvantages of these networks: 1) communication is too slow through email channel; 2) buyers need to travel all the way to my area for the purchased items, and it’s a waste of time if the buyers are not satisfied with the item when they see it; 3) I am very concerned about overwhelming my social media network with these “junk sale”. So I searched online, downloaded a few apps and gave a try, OfferUp helped me make a few fast deals within 48 hours after the post.

OfferUp is doing what its slogan says: Sell, Buy, Simple. Users only need to spend 2 minutes on the app/website through 4 easy steps: picture, price, description, post. It browses the items by zipcode, which narrows down the buyers in the neighborhood. Items can be searched by categories, and last quarter OfferUp launched “Holiday” SEO to boost the sales during holiday seasons in 2014. It focuses on mobile users, and reached over 40,000 users on Android, and non disclosured number on iPhone/iPad users. From a few articles I read about OfferUp, it steals almost 30% market shares from Craigslist and eBay locally in Seattle. The app connected Facebook and Twitter’s users , which is easily to tell OfferUp’s scalability in nationwide market expansion.