A personal interview with Thyra McKelvie from Rendezvous Strategies

Made it pretty and posted onto my personal blog.

Doing this report was #fun and insightful.


B-2-B ads resulted from our Class Assignment

So I shop quite a bit on Nordstrom online. Often I put my stuff into my online shopping cart so I can better see what I am interested in buying over time. However, more recently I noticed Nordstrom is growingly aggressive in sending me “There’s Still Stuff in My Cart” emails. They also occasionally post those items I like or I viewed as part of my FB feeds.

Over the weekend, due to the need to find content for this assignment, I saw something which made me tick. I noticed an advertisement featuring, GUESS WHAT?, that’s trying to sell me TINYhr.

I know you probably don’t know what TINYhr is but this was the company that I wrote for one of my other blog assignments. I couldn’t believe it. The cookies/computer think I am a business company -it is trying to sell a business/enterprise software to me without realizing I am actually a person.

That said, I am getting a bit wary of these tracking “cookies”. In retrospect, as I began to understand the issue of privacy on the internet more and more, I am deeply thinking question the purpose of such data collection. If unprotected and unregulated, such data could turn the benefits of technology into a threat to personal security and personal welfare. I wish there’s a community I’d join and learn more about how these ad issues can be addressed at the point of web designing.

Doughbies – “on-demand” freshly baked cookies for you!

Doughbies is the company I’ve chosen. Its purpose and value proposition does not seem very glorious. However, its marketing and core service do speak to those busy, tech obsessed audience who could use a batch of freshly baked cookies at night but only wished they had someone else to bake those cookies for them.

Doubhbies is an online marketplace for locally baked goods. Specifically, the company is creating a new category that seemingly can be described as “on-demand freshly baked cookies”. It claims to deliver “freshly baked cookies in 20 minutes or less in San Francisco, beginning in Soma”.

I’d approach these 3 bloggers if I were to the CEO:

-Ryan Hoover

-GrubHub (any blogger would do as this would get them some exposure to the “take-out” community”

Sally’s Baking Addition: active baking/dessert blogger on Pinterest