Blog #4 – Retargeting

Products: I used to shop in Macy’s online store. Recently I just searched for boots on Macy’s website and clicked on the product I’m interested in and stayed on that webpage for couple of minutes. Several minutes later when I logged on my Facebook page, that pair of boots appeared on the right hand side of my Facebook page.Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 4.33.09 PM

Services: I just joint Marketing Profs as a member and have searched for its online courses. Several days later when I happened to go to to read a marketing article, the online course provided by Marketing Profs appeared on that webpage. Another example is about Marketo. I used to search for marketing articles through Marketo. And an ad asking me to download an article from Marketo was magically showing up on my Facebook page. I’ve also seen many other retargeting examples from online retail stores such as and

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 4.18.42 PM Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 4.36.14 PM Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 4.38.31 PM

Generally speaking, these retargeting type of ads are distracting, especially when they are showing up on some totally irrelevant website of their business. But they are still effective in my opinion since they do make me more likely to buy and I did take many actions through those retargeting ads. I will download most of the articles from Marketo whenever I saw the ads on other website. And I used to spent hundreds of dollars on through its retargeting ads. The most important reason those ads work for me is because they know my product preference and shopping style through my recent activities on their website. So the products or services they displayed on the other website are either attractive for me in general or what I’m looking for recently. That’s how retargeting ads success – get to know the customers purchasing behavior and meet their demand.



I don’t know whether things have changed recently, because I haven’t been able to catch the sneaky culprits on my favorite sites, but it used to be that Foster School of Business and the Husky Team Store were the two biggest re-targeting offenders. The two would split time prominently displayed on my favorite “news” site ( and on my favorite media channel (

For me, neither were effective. With the Foster ads, I am obviously already enrolled in the program and thus do not need to be sold on it’s benefits. As for the Husky Team Store, I can definitely see how this could have been an effective strategy as the ads were usually displayed where I was consuming other Husky news. However my purchasing behavior is more direct than that…I don’t generally make purchases on a whim, they are usually planned, making these types of ads less effective at inspiring action on my part.

Blog#2 – Breathometer

Breathometer is the leader in breath analysis technology. Breathometer chose Facebook, blogs, twitter, Google+, Pintrest, and Vimeo to focus on their marketing online channels. From the number of followers, their Facebook did the best job on 15,281 likes and the least market on Google+ on 78 followers.

Their mission is to build the world’s first portable breath analysis platform to help people make smarter decisions, improve healthcare and to save lives. Founded by Charles Michael Yim in September 2012, Breathometer develops innovative breath sensing technology combined with superior design, and usability to deliver the best of breed digital health products.

They did pretty good job on the video, which introduces the product and provides samples how end customer to use it and how the product impact people’s daily life. However, from the number of views and likes from their youtube video and Vimeo, they still have lots of space to improve to market to targeted audience.


FitBark is a wearable device that allows pet owners to monitor the well-being of their dogs. It is positioned as the world’s tiniest wireless activity monitor for dogs and it attaches easily onto any collar and fits dogs of any size.

The value provided by FitBark is it collects physical activity and rest levels 24/7, providing pet owners with useful insights into their dogs’ behavior and activity trends. For example, FitBark monitors the time a dog spends at various energy level. If the dog gets 4 extra hours of sleep, maybe it is sick. The owner can observe and take action accordingly.

Currently, FitBark has a company website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  FitBark focuses on Twitter and Facebook where it has the most followers. It has over 4000 followers on Twitter and the content is almost identical on Facebook and Twitter.

I think the target customers of FitBark are young professionals who care about their dogs’ well-being and are willing to spend money on their dogs. They are busy during the week and may travel sometimes. Personally I feel that FitBark’s website is well-designed and the FAQ section provides answers to all sorts of questions. If I am a potential buyer, I can get all the information I need from its website to make a quick purchasing decision.

Blog #2

Clarity introduces the world’s first wearable air quality monitor. Currently, they focus on establishing a channel with end-uses/customers by their website. Clarity is helping to give families the answers they need, when they need them related with air quality matters. When someone at your home becomes seriously ill due to suffering from respiratory or allergy, the story of his or her life changes. So does the story of the people: parents, siblings, and children who unselfishly care for them every day. Their story becomes one of support. And hope that it ends with the best possible outcomes. Offering people a greater chance to end their story with a “happily ever after.”

This product enables to navigate a better route, search a fresher place and choose a safer area when people enjoy tracking as well. Also, created for China, India and other polluted places, Clarity helps people make smarter decisions with real-time updates on the air immediately. The crowd-sourced data will generate the world’s most detailed pollution maps.

I would believe this product is on track to communicate to the target customers. Especially, their goals are not only domestic regions, but also international countries facing significant issues with air pollutions. They are aware of what the end-users want.

Blog Assignment #2

Some people were having a hard time seeing this on Canvas, so I’ll republish here. You only need a sentence or two for each question.

•Pick a company from Angel List that is in your new company’s space.
–What online channels have they chosen to focus on?
–What seems to be their Positioning in the market?
–What is/are their Value Proposition(s)?
–Do you think they are they successful communicating to their target customer?

Please categorize the post in “Assignments” and “Online Channels” if you can remember.