HSBC Different Points of View Campaign

HSBC has an interesting ad campaign, entitled “Different Points of View,” which celebrates various views of art, technology and food.  They have placed their ads in airports throughout the world, on the interior and exterior of jetways.  Passengers see their ads walking to and from their plane, and while sitting on the plane waiting to take off.  Passengers are a captive audience.

Their ads focus on ways of making travelers aware of the possibilities in emerging markets and positions HSBC as “the world’s local bank.”

Intersting facts are included, such as the following in New York city airports:

  •         Halal carts outnumber hot dog carts three to one in NYC.
  •         At approximately one penny per gallon, NYC water is 1,000 times cheaper than bottled water.
  •         NYC is home to the same number of Chinese-language daily newspapers (seven) as English dailies.
  •         Nearly 60 percent of all flowers imported to the U.S. come from Colombia.

HSBC has found a creative way to reach a lucrative, captive audience.  By positioning it’s ad campaign in international terminals, they are reaching an audience most likely to be interested in a bank that provides global services.  Their ads are interesting and engaging and provide information in a manner that tells the audience that HSBC best understands how to operate in the new global economy and is positioned to provide services to their customers wherever they are.  I’ve taken off from the U.S., landed in Hong Kong and Jakarta on one leg, and been greeted by different HSBC ads along the way.


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